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CANADA A&E Television Networks has struck a deal with Toronto-based Screenlife Inc. to create a two-hour TV documentary of the history surrounding Niagara Falls. “Niagara: A History of the Falls”…


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Van Peebles, Buntzman team up


Hyphenate Mario Van Peebles and producer-director Mark Buntzman, industry pals for more than a decade, have set up the boxing pic "Standing Knockdown" as the second venture out of their newly formed…

From March 18, 1998


Antonio Banderas will present an Oscar at the 70th Academy Awards presentation. Banderas recently starred in “Evita.” He has also appeared in “Mambo Kings,” “Interview with the Vampire,”…

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‘Moby’ mops up


The USA Network's highly promoted two-parter "Moby Dick" has hooked huge Nielsens by cable standards, the second-highest rating and highest-ever number of total viewers for a non-sports, non-news…

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