Brooks box still tops


The boxed set of Garth Brooks' six-album repertoire, "The Limited Series," topped the nation's album sales chart for the second consecutive week, though its 190,000-unit tally was almost half of its…

Connections over convictions


From the evidence of this year's entries, the Cannes Film Festival has an American Problem. Although pictures by American directors have been all over town, sprinkled proportionately throughout the…


  • TV

USA buys 13-pic pack


USA Network has bought 13 theatrical films from Worldvision, five of which will be available for scheduling immediately: "Basic Instinct," "Terminator 2," "First Blood: Rambo I," "Universal Soldier"…

  • Biz

Euro ‘Gram Prix


Seagram Co. Ltd. has yet to finalize its $11 billion acquisition of Polygram Holdings, but already the expectation that Seagram will unload the music giant's film unit is stirring interest among…

Ice Capital offers pic coin


Giving new meaning to the words "cold cash," Ice Capital Corp. has launched itself as a New York-based finance company for film, publishing, interactive and music endeavors.

Reality check for rookies


First-time filmmakers discussed the high emotion of having a film at Cannes and the cruel reality of the commercial marketplace at a panel sponsored by Variety, the Independent Feature Project and…

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