B'way Notes


Lanford Wilson, who won the Pulitzer in 1980 for “Talley's Folly” and was most recently repped on Broadway by “Redwood Curtain,” is on the boards again. His new work, “Book of Days,” had its world…


  • Film

H'w'd gathers at Lit Retreat


In the backwoods of rustic Zaca Lake, the seventh annual Hollywood Literary Retreat brought together the usual assortment of scribes, producers, studio executives, actors, lawyers, agents, managers…

  • Biz

Steinberg retires from Sony


Stanley (Mickey) Steinberg has retired from his position as chairman of Sony Retail Entertainment, a division of Sony Corp. of America. Beginning June 1, Steinberg will relocate from N.Y. to his home…

Eddie Rabbitt, 56


Singer-composer Eddie Rabbitt, the Brooklyn-born son of Irish immigrants who scored dozens of country and pop music hits in the 1970s and '80s and later voiced disdain for the racy side of rock, has…

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