Virtual celeb technology


In Los Angeles -- a city where fame is almost a currency -- what could be a more appropriate enterprise than re-creating celebrities via computer technology? Numerous companies with local studios…


Small is beautiful


In a city where size inevitably matters, it's reassuring to know, bigger isn't always better -- at least where live music is concerned. To be the hottest ticket in a high-profile town, sometimes…

‘Mr. Fox’ bows in L.A.


The event is long overdue, but now that it's imminent, there is a definite logic at work. "Fantastic Mr. Fox" is debuting Dec. 9 at the L.A. Opera, marking the first world premiere of an American…

Hollywood’s digipreneurs


Computer Cafe owner-president David Ebner is used to being the youngest person in the room. Hired at the ripe old age of 17 by his hometown's local CBS affiliate to create graphics, the mostly…

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