‘Atlanta’ Detoured


“The Young Man From Atlanta” is experiencing growing pains on its journey from New York to New York. Horton Foote’s play was presented last season by the Signature Theater Company and won the…

Tube Prod’n Pie Sweetens


The solid growth of commercial TV in the Nordic territories, coupled with a healthy appetite for local programming, is sparking a groundbreaking move to carve up the production side of the lucrative…

TV Coin Boosts Film Production


Long looked down upon by big-screen movie makers, commercial television has now become one of the biggest funding partners of feature filming across the Nordic territories. That, combined with a new…

Hakuna Matata


To anyone who knows her work, it will probably come as no surprise that Julie Taymor is responsible for the most beautiful theater book of the year. “Julie Taymor: Playing With Fire” (Harry N…

Building A Big Biz


The film business in Scandinavia endures the same travails as the rest of Europe: U.S. product fills 80% of theater seats, and Euro pics don’t even play well outside each country’s respective…

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