Giving Australia A Push


A relatively recent tactic by Australia’s numerous federal and state film bodies of presenting a united face to the overseas market is bearing fruit in attracting more and more offshore productions…

Days Of ‘Dredd’ At AFM


It’s typical of this year’s American Film Market that the biggest event is taking place elsewhere and doesn’t involve buying and selling movies. On the afternoon of Feb. 27, nearly 100 foreign…

Dream Job?


The DreamWorks SKG troika of Jeffrey Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg and David Geffen might well be nearing the end of a lengthy search for an executive to head its TV unit. DreamWorks SKG, which has…

Critics’ Tally


“Love! Valour! Compassion!” opened Feb. 14,1995, at the Walter Kerr Theater to 12 favorable reviews (Barnes, Post; Canby, Times; Feingold, Village Voice; Hamburg, WOR-AM; Kissel, Daily News…

Diehl Memo


Studios usually want as little input as possible from authors whose books they’re making into movies. But if Paramount gets the highly sought-after Leonardo DiCaprio to co-star with Richard Gere in…

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