Shana Larsen


Shana Larsen spent, in her words, "10 years working as an office temp and writing bad novels" before turning to screenwriting and getting a deal for her ensemble drama "200 Cigarettes."

A Pole apart


The father of postwar Polish cinema, Andrzej Wajda has seen more artistic and political turmoil come and go in his country's history than most elder statesmen.


National treasure


Forget pasta, Prada threads, Vespas and Fiats; Italy's most popular and enduring export is Sofia Scicolone, the smoldering Mediterranean beauty who grew up poor in the shadow of Vesuvius and…

10 scribes to watch


Continuing our series on creatives that was inaugurated with the "New Directors" focus in Daily Variety's 1997 Sundance Film Fest special report (Daily Variety, Jan. 15, 1997), Variety spotlights 10…

Tony Bui


Tony Bui, who left Saigon for the Silicon Valley at the age of 2, fell into film by chance, discovering movies in high school.

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