Cole Role


Although the late Robert Reed felt he never got taken seriously as an actor after playing Mike Brady, Gary Cole, who reprised that role in the screen version of “The Brady Bunch,” is having no such…

Gen X Marks The Spot


The relentless pursuit of a hip adult audience is the driving force behind this year’s development season, replete with dramas full of urban grit and sci-fi excursions into cyberspace as well as…

The Heiress


It was the matinee from hell: a sea of gray in the orchestra, and two balconies roiling with teenagers who wondered, no doubt, what they were doing at a play about Washington Square society in the…

Leading The Pack


Most folks would be hard pressed to come up with even one name of somebody they know in Iceland. But ask the foreign distribution heads of some of Hollywood’s most powerful majors and independents…

Blazing Trails In Exhib Biz


In style and sheer bravado, Sam Film topper Arni Samuelsson bears more than a passing affinity with some of the larger-than-life celluloid heroes that have flashed across the silver screens of his…

Biz Takes A Leap


With two new shows in previews and the bulk of the 24-show slate taking jumps during Week 41 (March 6-12), receipts were up by 8.2%, totaling $7,654,843. Paid attendance was 186,818, a 10.3% leap…

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