Fresh, Spiffy Berlinale


Billing itself as “reflecting the present and looking at the future,” this year’s Berlin Intl. Film Festival rolls into its 45th stanza with big guns blazing, running Feb. 9-20. Headlined by a 27-pic…

O.J. On My Mind


The influence of the double murder trial of O.J. Simpson is even affecting the animators of the upcoming Disney animated film “Pocahontas.” While the film takes place during the westward migration of…

Cutbacks Victimize Filmmakers


Hard economic times and budget cutbacks translate into less Hungarian film product in 1995. Previously a regular in Berlin’s Competition, the country is repped at this year’s event only in the…

Kelsey’s Debt To A Rival


Even though “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer lost some ratings going head to head against Tim Allen in “Home Improvement” this season, Allen has indirectly helped Grammer make about $2 million for his…

Major Sundance Fest Winners


“The Brothers McMullen” and “Crumb” were named best dramatic and best documentary feature, respectively, at the Sundance Film Festival. “Living in Oblivion” won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award…

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