This Sporting Life


In the increasingly competitive world of sports rights, TFl is a player on both home turf and the larger European field. As a generalist network whose ambition is to remain the market leader, TFl…

Potential The Word For China


China is obviously the biggest potential TV market in the world, with a population of 1.2 billion people, growing by 14 million each year. A huge chunk of those people, however, don’t own TV sets…

Remake Revisted


In their search for a Holiday Perennial, studio executives often are lured into greenlighting a remake of a durable Christmas story like “Miracle on 34th Street” or Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas…

Bewkes Steps Into Spotlight


If it works, keep doing it. That’s the mantra of Jeff Bewkes, who now takes over HBO once and for all without the tall shadow of Michael Fuchs looming in the background. Although Bewkes has been with…

Soft Series Sap Studios


A few years ago, then-Twentieth TV chairman Lucie Salhany shocked many competitors by turning down an order from ABC on the comedy series “Anything But Love,” saying that producing more episodes of…

B.O. Holds Even


Broadway receipts and attendance remained virtually static during Week 24 (Nov. 6-12) despite a slimmer roster. Receipts for the 26 shows dipped a slight 2.1% to $9,476,145, and paid attendance fell…

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