Mighty Mouse Nips At Nick


ABC and its new proprietor, Walt Disney Co., have won a key skirmish in the war with Viacom’s Nickelodeon to become the global player in kids TV. Late last week they lured away Geraldine Laybourne…

A Floating Lightbulb


The spirits of Richmond Crinkley and Joseph Papp must have shared a heavenly laugh last week over the announcement that, following the disappointing run of “Racing Demon,” the Vivian Beaumont Theater…

Confusion On Financing Front


The film financing picture in Canada is fuzzy and growing darker. Few expect the Ontario Film Development Corp. to escape the zealous ax-wielding of Premier Mike Harris beyond next spring. Although…

Region’s Post Biz Booming


The main post-pro-production outfits in Montreal and Toronto are booked to the limit right now, thanks to the heavy volume of shooting in both cities. In Toronto, most post houses deal more with…

Cartoon Country


Toronto and Montreal have become important worldwide animation production centers in recent years. Canada’s largest animation house is Nelvana Ltd. of Toronto, which has been supplying U.S. networks…

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