Crossing over


After 10 years with Center Theatre Group, casting director Stanley Soble knows too well that actors who choose to live and work in Los Angeles are here to establish their careers in film and…


  • TV

Van Damme pic may bow on USA


Producer Ed Pressman is close to wrapping up a deal that would give Barry Diller's USA Network the world premiere of the Jean-Claude Van Damme starrer "Legionnaire." Harvesting such a premiere would…

Getting plugged in


So you wanna be a scenester. You're eager to get in on some those hot, ultra hush-hush rock shows. Well not so fast, pooky, joining this club might be more than you bargained for.

  • Biz

Exec Shuffle


Redo Farah has been upped from veep and supervisor of Warner Bros. international theatrical distribution, Latin America to senior VP of WB’s international theatrical distribution for the region. In…

Center stage


As Hollywood gears up for a facelift, the downtown core is planning a rebirth of its own. One of the first projects is the renovation of the historic Belasco Theater.

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