B.O. Keeps Climbing


Broadway receipts and attendance were up during Week 28 (Dec. 4-10), with shows making gains nearly across the board. Receipts rose 4.3% to $9,836,106, and paid attendance jumped 4.7% to 205,143…

Musings Of A B’cast Exec


If not the best-known broadcasting executive in Canada, Ivan Fecan certainly is one of the most controversial. The Toronto native joined NBC in the early 1980s after serving an apprenticeship with…

Mighty Mouse Nips At Nick


ABC and its new proprietor, Walt Disney Co., have won a key skirmish in the war with Viacom’s Nickelodeon to become the global player in kids TV. Late last week they lured away Geraldine Laybourne…

A Floating Lightbulb


The spirits of Richmond Crinkley and Joseph Papp must have shared a heavenly laugh last week over the announcement that, following the disappointing run of “Racing Demon,” the Vivian Beaumont Theater…

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