Redditt rises at Sony


Completing the reorganization of its corporate suite, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced Thursday that top corporate spokesman and strategic planner Bruce Redditt would receive a stripes upgrade…

TW, US West a Net team


Time Warner Cable and its partner, US West Media Group, announced plans here Wednesday to merge their high-speed online services to create what will be the nation's largest broadband online business…

  • TV



According to a spokesman for TriStar Pictures, the final negative cost of the James L. Brooks film “As Good As it Gets” was in the mid-$50 millions, contrary to what was suggested in Wednesday’s…

  • Biz

TCI swaps systems


Tele-Communications Inc. used the Western Cable Show here to report that it has consolidated its subscriber base in Los Angeles and Chicago through some major cable-system swaps with other cable…

  • Film

Short Takes


“Gray’s Anatomy,” the first original theatrical feature from the Independent Film Channel, will make its TV preem on the cable outlet at 10 p.m. Friday. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, pic is a…

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