Sony blurb booms


Chris Kager has been promoted to executive vice president of Columbia TriStar Television advertiser sales as part of a major expansion of Sony's worldwide TV advertising sales operation.

  • Film

Mutual, U talk up pic pact


Universal Pictures is in serious negotiations with Gary Levinsohn and Mark Gordon's Mutual Film Co. to put together a co-financing deal involving five pictures valued at a total of $350 million…

Exec Shuffle


RCA Records has upped Ron Poore to VP, modern rock radio promotion. Joining RCA in 1995, Poore will be responsible for all aspects of the alternative promotion department, including release…

  • Biz

Seagram pops USA cork


Seagram Co. Ltd's Universal Studios Inc. finalized a deal to buy Viacom Inc. out of their jointly owned USA Network for $1.7 billion in cash Monday, and indicated it was already eyeing possible…

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