• TV

Montreal TV moves get OK


Canuck federal broadcast regulator the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced Friday that it is approving two important changes in ownership in the Montreal TV…

  • Biz

TCI renames digital arm


Cable giant Tele-Communications Inc. has renamed its new technology arm TCI Digital Cable and created a logo to accentuate the difference between TCI, its former All TV arm (now shuttered) and the…

  • Film

Seems like old times


Ten years after celebrating its premiere, the stars of Live Entertainment's "Dirty Dancing" dusted off their dancing shoes to fete its re-release last Wednesday at Cineplex Odeon's Universal City…

Toshiba driving DVD


Toshiba Corp. last week said it will have digital videodisc read-only memory (DVD-ROM) drives on the market by September of this year and rewritable DVD random access memory (DVD-RAM) models out by…

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