Leading lights


JOAN ALLEN Joan Allen received back-to-back noms for her powerful performances as Pat Nixon in Oliver Stone’s “Nixon” (1996) and in “The Crucible” (1997), and many in the Academy may feel the actress…

To lead or support


At awards time, regardless of billing or even screen time, the distinction between what is considered a lead or supporting performance can shift for a variety of reasons, say veteran Oscar…

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Exec Shuffle


Brian Moreno has been named exec VP, worldwide home video for the Playboy Entertainment Group. Moreno will oversee the operations of the company’s recently consolidated domestic and international…

‘Blood’ pumps


The latest release from Rapper DMX, "Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood," was the bestselling album in the nation and went home with about 670,000 fans Christmas week, according to sales data…

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