Thinking small


"Rosetta," a small, cinema verite-style film by Belgian directors Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne, won the Palme d'Or at the 52nd Cannes Film Festival Sunday and a widely panned French entry by Bruno…

As seen on TV


Aaron Spelling may have another hit on hands -- but this time on the home computer. The veteran television producer, who has made a living off of tapping into cultural trends, is logging onto the…

  • TV

Regency on hot streak


Warner Bros. lost more than a steady supplier of hit movies when Arnon Milchan's New Regency Prods. left for the Fox lot two years ago. The Time Warner studio is now also missing out on TV shows from…

  • Film

Exhibs analyze B.O.


The hills are alive with the sound of overseas auds fleeing a gaggle of spring turkeys, although exhibs were hoping the tide could turn over the weekend, with the international rollout of Hollywood…

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