• TV

Diller bags 2 Webs


Barry Diller, eager to expand his cable-network holdings beyond the USA network and the Sci Fi Channel, has bought two little-known Canada-based networks: Trio, an arts-oriented service, and…

  • Film

Lakeshore in Filmax pact


Lakeshore Entertainment and Barcelona-based distrib Filmax have announced a multipic deal for Spain. The five-title pact comprises John Schlesinger's "The Next Best Thing," the Joan Chen-directed…

Blocked ‘Beauty’


In yet another clash of the media titans, Blockbuster is hiding copies of DreamWorks' "American Beauty" video behind store counters because the studio wouldn't cave to Blockbuster's financial term…

  • Biz

Kidvid EM.TV sets int’l board


In an effort to better manage its growing global empire, German kidvid giant EM.TV & Merchandising has established an international board based in the Netherlands. EM.TV officials say the move will…

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