Studios tuned out


For the millions of commuters who sit in rush-hour traffic on L.A.'s terminally congested freeways, the radio becomes a refuge like no other urban center on the globe.

Hot stuff


Today's visitors to the Palm Springs area, just a two-hour drive from Los Angeles, can experience a variety of the latest healing treatments at the area's upscale spas.

Intimate rooms top choice


Location, location, location. Oh, and Dolby SR, and Oreos. That's what film pros want in a screening room, but during Oscar campaign season, just finding a booking is all that matters.

Romancing H’wood


If you're going to film in well-known locations all over L.A. and have little or no location budget, it helps to have an engaging premise. At least that's what Myles Berkowitz found when he wanted to…

DC online


How do you launch an official Website for a TV show that already boasts more than 50 unofficial sites on the Internet? You create the ultimate fan's fantasy, every voyeur's dream. That's what Van…

‘Mr. Fox’ bows in L.A.


The event is long overdue, but now that it's imminent, there is a definite logic at work. "Fantastic Mr. Fox" is debuting Dec. 9 at the L.A. Opera, marking the first world premiere of an American…

Highest hot spots


Since Los Angeles is such a horizontal city, sometimes it's important to shake up that vision and go vertical -- up to a vibrant hot spot above the sprawl. The distance improves the outlook. And in…

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