Web blurbs in boom


With much of the marketing success of "The Blair Witch Project" attributed to its use of the Internet, movie studios are now more than ever looking for effective ways to utilize the Web.

Music site takes license


The entertainment industry already has begun to cast actors, network with producers and attract scripts on the Internet, and now Online Music Co. has developed a way for filmmakers and ad agencies to…

  • TV

New hits and misses


The networks continue to produce some surprising successes amid the overall ratings erosion of 1999's premiere week, with CBS' Friday actioner ''Now and Again'' and Saturday's NBC high school drama…

  • Biz

Inside moves


In the latest in a continuing series of staff changes at the William Morris Agency, Gotham motion picture agent Craig Gering will leave the agency when his contract expires Nov. 4. It's understood…

  • Film

ShowEast fetes Jewison


With his "The Hurricane" gearing up to take the holiday film season by storm, helmer Norman Jewison has been tapped as this year's George Eastman Award winner at ShowEast '99. The award is given…

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