Frankfurt booked for merger


The 52nd Frankfurt Book Fair came roaring to life Wednesday as the first wave of visitors began streaming into the cluster of airplane hangar-sized halls at the downtown fairgrounds, where nearly…

Yoga event set Oct. 26


"An Evening of Song and Spirit" will take place Oct. 26 in L.A. to raise funds for "Yoga for Life," which aims to enhance public school education with innovative yoga programs.


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PPV coin's boxed in


With only one boxing event distributed during third quarter 2000, PPV event revenue fell to an estimated $66.8 million, a whopping 47% decrease from the $126 million generated during the same period…

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'Hollow' full o'seas


Audiences around the world dined out on healthy helpings of horror, family adventure and coarse comedy last weekend -- mostly U.S.-branded but with a smattering of homegrown fare.

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