And here's the pitch


With the constant need for content to fill unlimited space, one would think that the Web would be a great place for screenwriters to sell scripts. Think again. It's one more door to be slammed.

Reel Estate Brokers


I thought I was happy. There I was, not a worry in the world, flipping idly through the channels, when I landed on an entertainment show that was doing a bit on the home of Melanie Griffith and…


Know the Code


Music on MP3 files may soon seem as ancient as vinyl. Dolby Laboratories has introduced the Advanced Audio Coding, or AAC, a file format that provides high-quality audio compression. AAC provides…

Big Game, Big Mistakes


Cat rustling, 10 months after America learned about it for the first time, is still a viable business. The advertisement for was one of the most humorous of the spots aired during the Jan. 30…

Season on the brink


Using the Web as a marketing device is hardly reliable, but the studios are still forging ahead for the holidays. The money is there. So is the interest and the hype. So why is it so hard to…

Imperfect Harmony


Will Napster disembowel CD sales, or will it spur new sales through the launch of new bands? With respect to Fisher, who became the biggest new Internet band ever (with 2 million-3 million downloads…

Wide and Wired


Netcasters are searching for ways to successfully monetize content. Subscriptions and pay-per-view models are quickly becoming an online reality, but on the Internet, something for sale can quickly…

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