London sez salaam 'Bombay'


"Bombay Dreams," at $7 million the largest mainstream Asian legit venture the U.K. has ever seen, hasn't quite received the reviews an impresario dreams of. But less than a week after the June 19…


Inside Move: Buzz-Smith


As if being Red Bank, N.J.'s most prominent director and comicbook store owner weren't achievement enough, Kevin Smith is now an online entrepreneur, his Net profits financing a new entertainment…

B.O. even; 'Millie' SRO


Broadway grosses held steady during Week 4 (June 17-23), slipping by a minuscule .6% to $13,756,353. Attendance was off by 1.1% to 223,436, which was still more than 10,000 below the figure for the…

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Numbers pin down wrestling


The Rock has gone to the movies, Stone Cold Steve Austin is on ice and huge numbers of teenage boys have turned away from World Wrestling Entertainment's signature primetime shows "Raw Is War" and…

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  2. 19,422
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