Beeb report blasted


BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan's report of a "sexed up" government dossier on Iraq's weapons capability was "completely untrue," U.K. intelligence chief John Scarlett said Tuesday in day nine of the…

Reality returns up in air


As the summer television season nears a close, three high-profile unscripted skeins -- NBC's "The Restaurant," CBS' "The Amazing Race" and Fox's "American Juniors" -- ended their runs last week and…


Sports score for Highlight


Despite the weak economy, Swiss-German distributor and license trader Highlight Communications on Tuesday posted a 15% increase in net profits to 9 million Swiss francs ($6.3 million) and a revenue…

Realities of Russia


Global production outfit Endemol on Monday pacted to open its first office in Russia. Endemol has taken an 80% stake in Endemol Moscow; Moscow-based publishing house Independent Media holds the…

  • Film

Film meet seeks Euro unity


Calls for a common European film policy were high on the agenda at the three-day Babelsberg Intl. Conference on Film and Television Production, which kicked off Monday at Studio Babelsberg outside of…

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