Which way to play?


The future of interactive entertainment is here, but, depending on whom you ask, it looks radically different. And with three new high-profile console launches -- Nintendo's Revolution, Sony's…

Racking up rivals


Merger mania has invaded the videogame industry, with companies gobbling up each other like Pac-Man. Videogame publishers have spent the past year swallowing rivals or shutting down entirely after…

Homegrown heroes


More than four years after the system launched in the U.S. and Japan, Microsoft's Xbox is a surprising success Stateside and an abysmal failure in the Land of the Rising Sun. In America, consumers on…

Power players


Vin Diesel and Cos LazourasPosition: Partners, Tigon StudiosWhy: Diesel’s the only movie star to take games seriously. Tigon oversaw production on “Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay,”…

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