Paramount on Smurf turf


Paramount’s getting the blues, acquiring film rights to vintage cartoon characters the Smurfs and setting up development of a 3-D CGI feature with producer Jordan Kerner and Nickelodeon Movies. The…

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Long run for Ron


A survivor of four successive regimes in the last decade, Ron Meyer has renewed his contract to serve as president and chief operating officer of Universal Studios, his latest boss, NBC Universal…


Rupe invades MySpace


Rupert Murdoch is spending over half a billion dollars to try to turn the Web's most popular meeting place for teens and twentysomethings into a profitable part of his media empire.

Cinemark adds ad arm


Exhib chain Cinemark USA has acquired a stake in National CineMedia, the in-cinema advertising venture launched earlier this year by chains Regal Entertainment Group and AMC Theaters. Deal will make…

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