The game is afoot


After years of false starts, Hollywood agencies are finally suiting up for the sports game. The question is: Will the percenteries' new divisions have what it takes to play in the big leagues?

  • Biz

No oohs in Oz reg change


Recent changes in Oz's foreign and cross media ownership laws were designed to spur a buying spree by media congloms. But, after waiting a decade for such reforms, is anybody in the mood to shop?

  • TV

Univision split vision


Univision, the nation's dominant Spanish-language net, handily beats UPN and the WB in the ratings. And when the dust clears on the merger of the two netlets, it may be Univision, not the CW, that…

New bid-ness model


Forget trolling the Palais. All you need to pick up a film in Cannes this year is a PayPal account. Indie producer-director Melissa Balin will sell distrib rights to her pic, called "FreezerBurn: The…

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