• Film

Dan plans for a 9% solution


On international day at ShoWest Monday, exhibs and studio reps focused mainly on opportunities in markets such as Russia, South Korea, China and Vietnam rather than dwelling on the disappointing 2005…


Innova seeks bonds


Televisa-owned Innova, which operates Mexico's only satellite TV provider under the Sky brand, said Monday it had launched a cash tender offer for $195 million of $300 million in bonds due in 2013…

Film fest kicks off


It's rare that on a film fest's opening night - one which manages to draw showbiz types including Matthew McConaughey, Richard Linklater, John Sayles and Lawrence Kasdan - an emcee would point out…

  • TV

HBO Asia to launch pair


HBO Asia are poised to launch HBO Family and HBO Hits, aimed at premium markets in the region. Starting in Hong Kong on Thursday, the channels will roll out in the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore and…

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