NFL double whammy


The National Football League has engineered its first regular-season doubleheader for "Monday Night Football" on Sept. 11, intent on giving ESPN a royal launch as the network takes over the "MNF"…

  • Film

Helmer pulls ‘Tree’


Iranian director Majid Majidi has pulled his film "The Willow Tree" from Denmark's NatFilm Festival in protest at the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad in Danish newspaper…

La Sexta lands Cup


Terrestrial broadcaster La Sexta capped its launch Monday by announcing it had secured exclusive Spanish rights to all the 64 games in this summer's World Cup soccer tournament for around E120…

  • Biz

China cracks down


Chinese authorities are stepping up their antipiracy campaign, raiding 14 factories running disc-copying businesses around the country in the last week, stripping six of their operating licenses and…

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