Costs pain members


In a reflection of soaring costs, AFTRA's health plan will boost premiums and earnings requirements starting next year as part of a revamp of the coverage structure into four tiers.

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Lion back on the prowl


Breaking up is hard to do, but the Lion seems increasingly eager to embark on the process. Just a year into its dalliance with Sony, MGM will limit their relationship to a co-financing partnership on…

Phillips, Loeb tackle ‘Men’


Warner Bros. has set Todd Phillips to direct “Men,” an Americanized version of the 1985 German film. Allan Loeb is writing the script. In the original film, directed by Doris Dorrie, a self-absorbed…

Fogler hunts ‘Monster’


Spyglass Entertainment has set Tony Award winner Dan Fogler to star in comedy “Spanky Johnson: Monster Hunter” after preemptively snapping up David Berenbaum’s spec script. Story revolves around a…

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