Markets & Festivals

Different Drummers


The definition of what constitutes a truly independent film is a hot topic of debate at this year’s Sundance fest – especially since the event is premiering several multimillion-dollar projects from…

East Meets West


The inaugural CineAsia film exhibition and distribution convention in Singapore this week promises to be more than a chance to see some new movies, marvel at the latest cinema technology and…

Hongkong On Screen


SCREENS: 182 (492 movies screened in 1994) NEW CINEMAS: Three new screens due to become operational this year, including a two-screen venue operated by UA. TOP LOCAL FILM OF 1994: “God of Gamblers…

ABC Bets On Skates


Call it a case of “where there’s ice, there’s fire.” A year after the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan soap-opera-on-ice began, ice skating of the non-hockey variety is a hot property. Last week, ABC…

News Views Skewed?


The entry into the political arena of media magnate Silvio Berlusconi not much more than a year ago has brought sweeping changes to the average Italian’s awareness of government issues: It has made…

CAA’s Sounds Of Silence


At first glance, it doesn’t strike you as a world-class collectors’ item: On one side of the silver coin is the number 20; on the other side, the outlines of the Creative Artists Agency headquarters…

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