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ICM Drives Benz Deal


Mercedes-Benz of North America has retained International Creative Management to develop film, television and new media projects for the auto manufacturer. In addition to acting as a traditional…

Studios Running Scared


Don’t bet on a Screen Actors Guild strike just yet, but sources say several of the studios are running scared, with hard-line plans to stop production starts in Hollywood as soon as April 15. Sources…

Vidgame Battle Afoot


Videogaming manufacturers are about to enter Armageddon. While marketing research points to a steady decline in the number of U.S. videogame players – as of December, there were an estimated 72.7…

‘ER’ Still Healthy


Warner’s “ER” continued its stunning Aussie debut on the Nine Network in the third week of ratings surveys, remaining the nation’s most-watched program. It was closely followed by two local drama…

Wooden Perf Pays Off


NAME: Catherine Coulson DESCRIPTION: The Log Lady on “Twin Peaks.” LAST SEEN: In the stage production of “The Elephant Man.” In the mid-’70s a young actress named Catherine Coulson auditioned for a…

O.J.’s Homevideo


Not satisfied with ratings glory alone from its coverage of the O.J. Simpson murder trial, Court TV in conjunction with WarnerVision Entertainment has a four-volume homevideo collection of the…

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