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Singapore On Screen


SCREENS: 90 NEW CINEMAS: Golden Village Entertainment, which now manages a total of 40 screens, says another 12 screens are under construction in three suburban towns. In addition, Cathay…

‘Sunrise’ Moonlighting


The most talked-about performance at the Sundance Film Festival’s opening-night screening of “Before Sunrise” wasn’t given by either of the pic’s youthful leads, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. The big…

Taiwan On Screen


SCREENS: 569 (255 theaters). NEW CINEMAS: No new multiplexes were constructed in Taiwan during ’94, though many theaters, particularly in Taipei, were transformed from large, single screen theaters…

Word On ‘Waterworld’


The media are so starved for news from Universal’s top-secret “Waterworld” production that some publications are running stories about how their reporters couldn’t get near the sets. Allow us to part…

Indonesia On Screen


SCREENS: 2,202 NEW CINEMAS: In the last five years, multiplexes managed by 21 Group have increased from 10% to 15% of total screens in the country. That trend is expected to continue, but…

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