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Plague Of Scripters


When Warner Bros.’ “Outbreak” and Fox’s “Crisis in the Hot Zone” were racing to be the first viral thriller in production, the Warner pic’s producers decided not to waste time pondering the…

Field Pared To Pair


At a stroke, the Australian pay TV battle has rationalized itself from a commercially high-risk, three-cornered battle into a more viable two-sided contest. The field narrowed March 9 when the News…

Of Laurels And Lepers


It was impossible to sit through last week’s AFI Steven Spielberg tribute – yes, yet another award to Spielberg – without sensing the perversity of the whole awards ritual. Here were a thousand or so…

TV3 Revenues Up 11%


Revenues for private web TV3 for the one-year period ending Aug. 31 hit $64 million, up 11% on the previous year. Pretax profit amounted to $12.8 million, up 2% on the same period, managing director…

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