Markets & Festivals

‘Sunrise’ Moonlighting


The most talked-about performance at the Sundance Film Festival’s opening-night screening of “Before Sunrise” wasn’t given by either of the pic’s youthful leads, Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. The big…

Taiwan On Screen


SCREENS: 569 (255 theaters). NEW CINEMAS: No new multiplexes were constructed in Taiwan during ’94, though many theaters, particularly in Taipei, were transformed from large, single screen theaters…

Cantonese Take Out


It was bad enough when “Jurassic Park’s” dinosaurs trampled over Hong Kong stalwarts to become the all-time box office champ of the territory in 1993. But when Keanu Reeves outdistanced Jackie Chan…

No MCA Breakthrough


MCA Inc. chairman Lew Wasserman and president Sidney Sheinberg met in Osaka last week with their Japanese bosses, but the contentious issue of greater autonomy for the Hollywood management team was…

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