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Floating WB’s boat


"Poseidon" receives a second life this weekend with a launch into major foreign markets after a disappointing Stateside run. Warner Bros. is opening Wolfgang Petersen's remake in Australia, China…

Couric takes on crix


Incoming "CBS Evening News" anchor Katie Couric began the first day of the rest of her professional life by firing back at critics who think she doesn't have enough hard news experience to helm the…

Tech czar takes off


Just a year and a half after he was named chief technology officer for Sony Corp. of America and asked to get the conglom's ailing online media strategy in shape, Phil Wiser is ankling to become…

The last dance


Don Ienner and Michele Anthony have brought to a close the longest-running management team in the music business as the two resigned their posts atop Sony Music on Thursday. Rob Stringer, brother of…

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