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The Best Laid Dreams


If a serious economist ever tried to analyze the arcane ways of Hollywood, a nervous breakdown might quickly overtake him. Examine the inverse relationship between profitability and capital…

DVD Battle Raging


Time Warner Inc. and partner Toshiba Corp. shoved Sony Corp. and Philips Electronics aside last week to capture the high ground in the battle for the future of homevideo entertainment. TW/Toshiba's…

Mavens On The Move


Germany's second most successful commercial network this past week confirmed that FRED KOGEL, former entertainment director at pubcaster ZDF, will take up a new executive programming post at Sat 1…


Infopike Pioneer Returns


NAME: Lucie J. Fjeldstad DESCRIPTION: Former high-tech missionary to Hollywood for IBM. LAST SEEN: Riding the comeback digital trail. Way back in the early 1990s, when “CD-ROM” and “interactive” were…

Reality Bites


In Las Vegas, where days blend into nights and vice versa, visitors have always had trouble keeping in touch with reality. Such was also the case last week at Multimedia's NATPE party in Vegas – the…

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