Markets & Festivals

The Roth Regimen


Six months ago a curious thing happened to Joe Roth. He received two invitations essentially to the same party. The question: Would he consider taking over the production reins at the Disney studio…


Spaced Out


NAME: Mark Hamill DESCRIPTION: Luke Skywalker LAST SEEN: Playing the “Wing Commander” on CD-ROM. Mark Hamill, who played the hero Luke Skywalker in the three “Star Wars” epics, has been missing in…

Chao Time, In The Shadows


Stephen Chao, the man who gave the world “Cops” and “Studs,” has a pilot at ABC. The aging wunderkind has been trying to land a show on the tube since getting canned from Fox in 1992 for hiring a…

John Malone Meets Cato


Tele-Communications Inc. supremo John Malone, a free-market propagandist, is about to become a card-carrying member of the board of directors of the Cato Institute. A Washington, D.C.-based…

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