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Mini-major pumps it up


Keith Samples, the 39-year-old CEO of Rysher Entertainment, is like the young kid at Cannes with a new sports car: everyone wants to know how fast and how far it can go. Ever since cable giant Cox…

The secret agent


MEMO TO: Joe Eszterhas FROM: Peter Bart SUBJECT: Career aims If my addition is correct, you stand to earn somewhere between $6 million to $10 million as a writer this year, and those are pretty good…

Lyonnais malaise ends


With Credit Lyonnais still nursing an almighty hangover from its fling with Hollywood, European bankers might be forgiven if they never want to see another film producer again. But a core of veteran…



As Hollywood’s bite of the foreign box office pie keeps getting larger, the rest of the world’s filmmaking communities have seen their concerns about domestic market share develop into panic over the…

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