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Behind The Illusion


As of Tuesday, Feb. 14, the world will know the three nominees for the Academy Award in the visual effects category. But most people will not know that seven pictures were considered for the honor…


Roll Out The Barrel


NAME: Donald Hacker DESCRIPTION: Former syndie TV mogul. LAST SEEN: Setting up a suds factory. He was not exactly the talk of NATPE this year, but former Tribune Entertainment Co. president Donald…

'Brasco' Rides Again


Speaking of Al Pacino, there is another effort afoot to get the long-in-the-works project “Donnie Brasco” up and running at TriStar Pictures. The package is now being talked about with Stephen Frears…

Jessel Plans


Ian Jessel, who has served as president of Miramax Intl. since 1992, has been in talks about getting into business with Bertelsmann AG. Jessel is leaving Miramax Films at the end of this month (Daily…

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