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Suiting Up


Whenever there's a coup d'etat, whether political or corporate, a profusion of theories are brought forth to explain what really happened and why, and that has certainly been the case at Disney…

O.J.'s Homevideo


Not satisfied with ratings glory alone from its coverage of the O.J. Simpson murder trial, Court TV in conjunction with WarnerVision Entertainment has a four-volume homevideo collection of the…


Building Bridges


What makes Arnon run? That question is being asked by a growing number of major players in the entertainment business around the world as they observe the ever-expanding arc of Arnon Milchan's…

A Foxy Move For Westin?


Av Westin, the man who founded “20/20″ and helped establish the syndicated mag “Inside Edition,” may be on his way to Fox. Last week, Wired told you the weblet was eyeing departed CBS News No. 2 Joe…

Pursuing The Pugilist


When convicted rapist Mike Tyson walks out of jail March 25, everyone in the fight game will be clamoring for his services. Among those counted on to bid is HBO, which was in business with Tyson…

Voting To Save PBS


Sen. Larry Pressler (R-S.D.) has been public broadcasting's most vocal foe in Congress, threatening legislation that would privatize PBS. Meanwhile, back in his home state, where the conservative…

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