Markets & Festivals

Different Drummers


The definition of what constitutes a truly independent film is a hot topic of debate at this year's Sundance fest – especially since the event is premiering several multimillion-dollar projects from…

Singapore On Screen


SCREENS: 90 NEW CINEMAS: Golden Village Entertainment, which now manages a total of 40 screens, says another 12 screens are under construction in three suburban towns. In addition, Cathay…


Word On 'Waterworld'


The media are so starved for news from Universal's top-secret “Waterworld” production that some publications are running stories about how their reporters couldn't get near the sets. Allow us to part…

CAA's Sounds Of Silence


At first glance, it doesn't strike you as a world-class collectors' item: On one side of the silver coin is the number 20; on the other side, the outlines of the Creative Artists Agency headquarters…

Tricky Bit Of Casting


Oliver Stone has been anxiously looking to cast “Nixon.” The filmmaker has gone through a series of actors in a search for one to fill the late president's shoes for the Warner Bros. film. Those…

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