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Eye On The Future


With “Stargate” continuing to dominate the Italian box office, and sci-fi fever hotter than it has been in years, Gabriele Salvatores' timing couldn't be better. The Oscar-winning “Mediterraneo”…

What's In A Name?


One could make a case that spending big bucks for remake rights has some payoff, but a few filmmakers have recently started lifting just the titles of past pictures. While the names of films are not…


Of Laurels And Lepers


It was impossible to sit through last week's AFI Steven Spielberg tribute – yes, yet another award to Spielberg – without sensing the perversity of the whole awards ritual. Here were a thousand or so…

Cinergi Nabs 'Nixon'


Filmmaker Oliver Stone and producer Arnon Milchan are in the process of dissolving their overall deal, but sources said the two will still be in business on certain pre-existing projects. But…

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