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Five years after the Berlin Wall was torn down and five years before Germany's national government is to transfer from Bonn, Berlin is a success story waiting to happen. So far, not as many…

Berlin's Generation X


During the '70s and '80s, when Berlin was a walled in island where anarchists threw rocks and burned cars every May 1, Berlin became the last stronghold for a politically, socially and aesthetically…


Rebel with a pen


NAME: Christiane Rochefort DESCRIPTION: Head of the Cannes fest press service. LAST SEEN: Ankling La Croisette Christiane Rochefort ran the Cannes Film Festival press office for more than 20 years…

Berlin's Culture Jungle


TWENTY – FOUR hours. That's the length of a Berlin day – or night, depending on your point of view and personal predilections. And in fact all predilections are catered to in Berlin. Local magazines…

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