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There Are No Virgins Here


With all the chest-beating by the producers of “A Current Affair” over the $12,000 “consulting fee” “60 Minutes” paid to former Brown & Williamson exec Jeffrey Wigand, one would think those guys had…

Canada To Ease Regs


The Canadian government intends to relax its restrictions on foreign ownership of Canadian broadcasting and cable companies, a source close to Canadian Heritage Minister Michel Dupuy said last week…


EU Oks Old Quota Plan


After nearly two years of political wrangling, European Union culture ministers unanimously agreed Nov. 20 to maintain the current quota system, which is designed to protect European culture from…

CineAsia Fetes Cripps


Andrew Cripps, exec VP of sales at United Intl. Pictures, will receive the distributor of the year award at the second annual CineAsia convention in Singapore. The confab for exhibitors…

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