Will Tizard

Burning bridges in Prague


First it was European Christians offended by her crucifix stage effects. Now, a planned Sept. 9 soiree in Prague has been canceled as another Madonna perf was caught up in a political tussle over…

CME's Czech subsid fused


Ron Lauder-owned Central European Media Enterprises has consolidated its control of Czech broadcasting, with its subsidiary, Vilja, registered in a Prague court as the owner of CET 21, the license…

  • Biz

Red ink flow slows


The former Eastern bloc's biggest media conglom, Ron Lauder's Central European Media Enterprises, saw lower-than-expected losses for the first half of 2006, while revenues rose 71% to $276.34 million.


  • Film

Slovaks wrap pricey epic


Slovakia has just wrapped its biggest-budgeted feature ever, an epic by local standards. It's the Gothic historic tale of Elizabeth of Bathory, a notorious countess of Renaissance Europe whom helmer…

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