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Laurel Cronin


Laurel Cronin, 53, an actress, singer and dancer, died Oct. 26 in Chicago from cancer. Cronin moved to Los Angeles two years ago after a 30-year career in Chicago theater.

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27 elected to SAG board


With only 21% of the national members voting, 27 members of the Screen Actors Guild have been elected to the SAG national board of directors. Most of the performers will hold three-year terms.


Strum new MTM sr. VP


Neil Strum has been named senior VP of business and legal affairs for MTM Enterprises. He has been with MTM for the past three years, moving from director to VP of biz-legal affairs. Prior to joining…

Jack Kelly


Jack Kelly, best remembered as the co-star of the popular television series "Maverick," died Saturday at Humana Hospital in Huntington Beach. He was 65.

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