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Laurel Cronin


Laurel Cronin, 53, an actress, singer and dancer, died Oct. 26 in Chicago from cancer. Cronin moved to Los Angeles two years ago after a 30-year career in Chicago theater.

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Financial Briefs


Orion Pictures filed 10-Qs for its 1993 first and second fiscal quarters, ending May 31 and Aug 31, 1992, respectively, with the Securities & Exchange Commission on Friday. The first-quarter summary…


Oxfam event targets hunger


Nobel Peace Prize winner and indigenous-peoples-rights activist Rigoberta Menchu and a group of Hollywood celebrities will dramatize world hunger at the third Oxfam America Hollywood Hunger Banquet…

Leroy Lusk


Leroy Lusk, who served as camera optical supervisor for Mercer Titles and Optical Effects since 1986, died of a heart attack on Oct. 30 at St. Joseph's Hospital.

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