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Laurel Cronin


Laurel Cronin, 53, an actress, singer and dancer, died Oct. 26 in Chicago from cancer. Cronin moved to Los Angeles two years ago after a 30-year career in Chicago theater.


Exec Shuffle


New Line Cinema has appointed Scott Hyneryager assistant division manager for the company's distribution central division. He will be based in New Line's Chicago office. Before joining New Line, he…

  • TV

Syndication Briefs


Twentieth TV is digitally remastering all 255 episodes of "MASH" as part of a six-month-long project estimated to cost $ 1.25 million. The process, expected to be completed by the end of the year…

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Financial Briefs


Orion Pictures filed 10-Qs for its 1993 first and second fiscal quarters, ending May 31 and Aug 31, 1992, respectively, with the Securities & Exchange Commission on Friday. The first-quarter summary…

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