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Janice and Robert Aull, a boy, Nicholas Stocks, Oct. 14, Santa Monica Hospital. Mother is VP, affiliate operations, for HBO. Father is an artist.


Stephen Burks


Stephen Burks, actor, died Nov. 26 at his home in Los Angeles of unspecificed causes. He was 36. A graduate of Boston U., Burks appeared on Broadway in "Division Street."

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Financial Briefs


All American Communications Inc. has secured $ 6.5 million in new financing for its syndicated series "Baywatch," giving the operation enough cash to finish out its 1992-93 season, which totaled $ 19…

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GATT quota stance firm


Acting U.S. Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger has assured Motion Picture Assn. of America head Jack Valenti that the Bush administration is committed to liberalizing world trade in film and TV…

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