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Financial Briefs


Viacom Intl., a subsidiary of Viacom Inc., filed a shelf registration with the Securities & Exchange Commission covering $ 800 million of debt securities. In a filing, Viacom Intl. said the…

Earl Wrightson


Earl Wrightson, a singer and actor in musical comedies and the Emmy-winning host of the 1950s TV show "The American Musical Theatre," died March 7 at home in East Norwich on Long Island. He was 77.




Barbra Streisand's forthcoming Columbia Records album will be a collection of classics, including duets with Johnny Mathis and Michael Crawford. The collection was incorrectly attributed to Mariah…

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Short Takes


Paramount Network TV has confirmed a two-year production commitment to the comedy "Wings," as reported (Daily Variety, Feb. 8). The series already has been renewed for next season by NBC and been…

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