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CD-ROMs Hit Stride


Christmas 1994 appears to have been the bonanza for CD-ROM sales analysts had predicted. Retailers are reporting that consumers lined up to buy educational, entertainment and reference material on…

Dorothy Granger


Dorothy Granger, a screen and television actress, died Jan. 4 of cancer at her home in Los Angeles. She was 83. Born into a Ohio vaudeville family, she won a beauty contest in Texas when she was 13…

Irene Elaine Ferrari


Irene Elaine Ferrari, a Broadway wardrobe supervisor and film costumer, died Dec. 13 in New York after a long illness. She was 42. Ferrari, a native of Novato, Calif, moved to New York in 1979 and…

Singapore On Screen


SCREENS: 90 NEW CINEMAS: Golden Village Entertainment, which now manages a total of 40 screens, says another 12 screens are under construction in three suburban towns. In addition, Cathay…

David Silber


David Silber, a Broadway actor and son of Boston U. president John Silber, died Dec. 29 of AIDS complications. He was 41. Silber appeared on Broadway with Rex Harrison, Claudette Colbert and Lynn…

Hongkong On Screen


SCREENS: 182 (492 movies screened in 1994) NEW CINEMAS: Three new screens due to become operational this year, including a two-screen venue operated by UA. TOP LOCAL FILM OF 1994: “God of Gamblers…

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